What is the difference between a WOVEN and a KNIT Fabric?

Woven and knit fabrics are two different types of textiles used in apparel. The main difference between them lies in the technique used to construct the fabric.

Woven fabrics are created by interlacing two sets of yarns, known as the warp (lengthwise) and weft (crosswise), at right angles. The warp yarns run parallel to the fabric's selvedge, while the weft yarns go from edge to edge. This interlacing method forms a stable and structured fabric with little stretch. Examples of woven fabrics include denim, cotton poplin, and tweed.

On the other hand, knit fabrics are made by intertwining a single set of yarns in a series of loops. This method allows the fabric to stretch and recover, providing greater flexibility and comfort. Knit fabrics are commonly used in T-shirts, sweaters, and activewear. They can vary in thickness, texture, and stretchiness depending on the knit structure.

Overall, woven fabrics offer more structure and durability, while knit fabrics provide stretch and comfort. The choice between woven and knit fabric depends on the desired characteristics for a particular garment or application.